Fort Benning Family Housing Revitalization

Columbus, GA

Columbus, Georgia

In planning and designing the revitalization of the Fort Benning military family communities we have strived to create new family neighborhoods within the fabric of the existing on-Post development. Creating a sense of pride in the neighborhoods and homes while providing accessible, safe, sustainable and a secure living environment was foremost in our planning and design efforts.

The majority of the existing houses within the 7 neighborhoods slated for redevelopment have served their usefulness and no longer provide for comfortable functional homes for their residents. Further, the present neighborhood designs were lacking the character, pedestrian connections, and amenities that instill a sense of neighborhood and community in the families that live there. Creating one entirely new neighborhood on a 324 acre greenfield site provided a unique opportunity to develop a neighborhood within a challenging site with extreme topography, streams and woodlands.

The new homes are designed to complement the challenging existing site conditions within the existing street system with specific home configurations designed to “fit” the confines of buildable areas. The courtyard unit type increases curb appeal, provides private side and rear yard areas, and an interior parking court.

Each village at Fort Benning will have a consistent style of architecture to reinforce the unique character of the community. Use of the mission style will complement the historic units of the main post area where 239 homes will be renovated. The renovated neighborhoods will be a mixture of Arts and Crafts and Colonial styles complimenting the rich cultural heritage of the surrounding communities. Each home, regardless of its style will have distinctive features.

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Project Data

family housing revitalization
3,185 new residential units
renovation of 239 historic homes
mix of 3 and 4 bedroom units
handicapped accessible units
new community and village centers
recreational facilities, play fields and sports courts


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