Janie's Garden

Sarasota, FL

Sarasota, Florida

Janie’s Garden replaces barracks-style public housing in the Newtown community of Sarasota, Florida with a neighborhood of townhomes, walk-up flats, and retail. Now complete, Phase One consists of 86 homes and a management and community services building. Phase Two, currently under construction, and future Phase Three, will add an additional 141 units and 10,500 sf of retail space.

Centrally located in the Newtown area, Janie’s Garden will serve as an important stop along a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line which will connect Sarasota’s neighborhoods with the downtown, and with employment centers along Florida’s north-south Gulf Coast corridor. Ground floor retail space and an intimate plaza adjacent to the transit station provide the framework for future development surrounding the BRT Station.

Torti Gallas is working with the Sarasota Housing Authority, Michaels Development, and the City Redevelopment Authority to transform Housing Authority properties into viable mixed income communities that are integrated into the surrounding neighborhoods. Janie’s Garden is the first in a series of neighborhoods that will revitalize Newtown. The transformation within the Newtown Community has already become a catalyst for economic growth and redevelopment in Sarasota.

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