Passionate about designing places and buildings that quietly transform cities, suburbs and people, the work of Torti Gallas + Partners is about making the most beautiful things out of the simplest clay.

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Torti Gallas + Partners is committed to using architectural innovation and master planning expertise to create exceptional places that satisfy current needs and act as catalysts of sustainable progress.


by Delma Palma

Resilience in Housing Diversity

By 2050, it is estimated that 70 percent of the world’s population will be urban.* At the same time, issues such as climate change and subsequent natural disasters, decreasing housing affordability, and mass migration to urban centers will amplify the stresses on the built environment.  As we face these impending challenges, we must do everythREAD MORE


by Thomas Gallas and Seda Bilir-Candir

Torti Gallas' Urban Regeneration Experience featured in Konsept Projeler: Part II



by Mike Rollison

Rapid Urbanization Versus The Car


News   May 24, 2017

John Torti to Speak at the Urban Land Institute's 2017 Florida Summit!

News   May 08, 2017

Park Van Ness Receives a 2017 CNU Charter Award!

News   May 08, 2017

Torti Gallas + Partners Well Represented at CNU25 in Seattle!

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