Torti Gallas and Partners, Inc. is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a 2013 Congress for the New Urbanism Charter Award for Lyon Place at Clarendon Center in Arlington, Virginia. The Congress for the New Urbanism is the leading organization promoting good urban design and mixed-use neighborhoods as alternatives to sprawl. he Charter Awards recognize the projects which best embody the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism.

Lyon Place at Clarendon Center is an urban infill project that covers a full city block adjacent to the Clarendon Metro stop in Arlington, Virginia. The project is a true example of mixed-use development as the program includes residential, office, retail and underground parking elements in two distinct buildings. The mix of uses required the project design team to develop a “language” for the elevations at each major portion of the buildings.

The south block massing wraps the block on three sides, with the office on the west and the residential portion on the north and east. The courtyard is open to the south. The first floor has below grade parking and retail anchored by a Trader Joe's supermarket, while floors two through twelve contain residential units and amenities. The south block building is LEED NC Certified.

The north block trophy office building contains an anchor law firm with retail on the ground floor. This ground floor retail activates the streetscape at all hours and provides amenities to the downtown neighborhood for residents and commuters. The north block building is LEED C&S Silver Certified.

Two existing buildings on these blocks are preserved as historic. The Deco Tradition of the area was embraced and revitalized in the new design of the buildings.

In total, Lyon Place at Clarendon Center contains 244 residentials units, 181,000 SF of office, 43,000 SF of retail and 600 parking spaces.