Torti Gallas is pleased to announce the opening of the newly renovated Fort Stanton Recreation Center and Playground. Working with the Department of General Services, the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), and the broader Fort Stanton community, Torti Gallas developed a design strategy that was “owned” by all the stakeholders. The ribbon-cutting was held in conjunction with the Fort Stanton Community Day celebration.

As a result, this project included the demolition of the existing small scale recreation center and the design and construction of a new 18,000 sf building. The LEED Silver Certified building - DPR’s first in LEED Silver building in Ward 8 - includes a gymnasium; fitness room; a senior room; a computer lab; a multi-purpose room; a teen/game room; a kitchen and large foyer with natural light. The existing pool building received minor upgrades and repairs. Programs offered at the recreation center will include DPR’s Young Ladies on the Rise program for teenage girls, Senior Walk and Talk/Chew and Chat activity for Seniors over 50, Line Dancing for all ages, and Poetically Speaking for teens, adults and seniors.

The new center responds to the specific needs and programmatic requests of both the staff and the community. By addressing both the street and the existing outdoor spaces, the building design and site improvements create greater accessibility and connectivity amongst the recreational areas. The project also serves to address the surrounding natural environment and incorporates sustainable elements such as a green roof.