Torti Gallas is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Windmill Parc at Dulles Town Center!

Windmill Parc is the next evolution for this growing community, expanding on the success of Parc Dulles located to the north. This new neighborhood continues the application of Traditional Neighborhood Design, building on the concepts of walkability, mix of uses, sustainability and timeless architecture. The plan provides residents with 439 new homes in a contemporary urban setting of pedestrian-friendly streets and active open spaces blended seamlessly into the natural landscape.

56,000 SF of local retail is located conveniently at the south entrance, expanding the mix of uses within this growing town center. The buildings at Windmill Parc establish a new standard in contemporary design, exploring a palate of traditional Virginia materials such as brick, stone, and clapboard applied to dynamic modern forms that come together in a signature architectural style. Life in Windmill Parc centers around the Promenade, a linear park connecting the community center with the millpond, featuring walkways and plazas landscaped in native plants and trees, culminating in a water cascade at the pond edge. Windmill Parc achieves a new standard of design for Dulles Town Center, building on the well-established principles of placemaking and taking it to new levels of modern design.