Torti Gallas and Partners is proud to announce that the Capper Carrollsburg Dwellings Revitalization project has received the first ever Impact Award in the Urban Land Institute Washington Real Estate Trends Conference Awards Program. This newly added conference component highlights innovative development under way in the Metropolitan Washington Region.

Working with Capper Carrollsburg Venture, LLC and the District of Columbia Housing Authority, Torti Gallas designed the Revitalization Master Plan for the community, and provided architectural design for the Senior Housing, Workforce Housing and Community Center.

Funded with a HUD HOPE VI Grant, the revitalization of Capper Carrollsburg dwellings has greatly contributed to the successful rebirth of the neighborhoods of southeast Washington. Fully integrated with the broader revitalization effort of the Anacostia Waterfront, the project created a new neighborhood modeled on the best District traditions, fully integrating low-income, public housing units with market and workforce units. The project replaced the approximately 700 public units on-site and added 1,000 new residential units, fully integrating them in seven new blocks within the development. Now some ten years old, the project demonstrates the viability of the mixed-income model. When the market-rate units went on sale, people camped out at the sales trailer in droves. The units sold quickly, some for price points upwards of $600,000. The subsidized workforce units were likewise successful, attracting almost five times as much interest as there were units available.

The significance of the Capper Carrollsburg development equally lies in its contribution to the neighborhoods around it and to the city as a whole. The project created a new urban park that is a model of urban sustainability. Sited on a federal reservation established in the L'Enfant plan, the park contains green space, an ice rink, a retail pavilion and other amenities, creating a wonderful green preserve and lively places for the people living in neighborhood, the workers in the adjacent DOT and private office buildings, the many newcomers in the growing neighborhoods of southeast, and the city. Well-attended programmed activities - movie nights in the summer, skating in the winter -- animate the park and are supported by the local BID and a non-profit that assisted with the development of the park and its current maintenance.

Most importantly, Capper Carrollsburg gives the city back a connection to the Anacostia River, supporting and enhancing the considerable public and private efforts to revitalize it and its adjacent neighborhoods. The rebuilding of the Capper Carrolsburg community with a fabric and character integrated with the neighborhoods to the north creates a seamless connection from them to the river.

Congratulations to all!