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The Swift Safeway in Petworth

Washington, District of Columbia

This Safeway project is located in Petworth, a neighborhood in transition, with both newly built and proposed residential condominium development on its main street – Georgia Avenue.  There is a suburban existing Safeway grocery store on the site which does not address the urban condition, and is sited back from the street edge with a large parking lot in front.  The current store does not adequately serve the evolving and changing needs of the neighborhood. 

Our proposed design replaces the existing store with a larger grocery store designed as an urban building which presents a retail façade to the Avenue, continues the existing street wall of the city, and enhances the pedestrian experience on Georgia Avenue.  The goal in the façade and massing design was to design a contemporary building that carefully addresses the existing conditions of the site and the change in scale from major street retail buildings to single family homes.

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Project Data

57,000 sf Safeway replacement store
200,000 sf of Residential
4 stories above grocery store
220 residential units
2 garage levels-180 parking spaces

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