Claremont 24

Claremont, CA

Baltimore, Maryland

This project accommodates 45 townhouses on a 3.3 acre corner site bound by Baseline Road, Monte Vista Avenue and the 210 Freeway in the City of Claremont. In keeping with traditional pre-war Southern California multi-family housing precedents, 18 of these units are configured as ‘bungalow courts’ with individual garages, with 27 units designed as ‘courtyard housing’ atop a subterranean parking garage. All units have a distinct vehicular free front activated by a variety of porches and stoops facing a communal open space, some units with private patios and yards, with access to all garages provides through separate driveways in the back. The 45 units are designed as variations of 3 townhouse types that generate massing variety while engendering unique frontage conditions between the buildings and open spaces. The architecture is designed in the ‘Bungalow’ style, presenting ‘house-scale’ frontages to the surrounding streets, extending themes familiar to Claremont’s traditional neighborhoods and reflecting the developer’s wishes to engage in building a high level of craft.

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Project Data

• multi-family housing
• 45 new residential units
• mix of 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom units
• handicapped units
• communal courtyards


Site Plan Approval
Urban Design

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