MacArthur Park Apartments

Los Angeles, CA

"...creating vital, affordable, transit-oriented housing and a safe public realm with a ‘sense of place’ that will encourage ridership, promote a more pedestrian- friendly community as well as the inextricable link to its urban context."

Torti Gallas is part of the development team led by McCormack Baron Salazar for the redevelopment of the MacArthur Park Metro site in downtown Los Angeles.

Situated atop the redline Metro station in Westlake, the most densely populated neighborhood in Los Angeles, adjacent to the most signficant public park in Los Angeles, the unique site challenges provided the opportunity to create a vibrant new component of downtown Los Angeles.

In order to encourage ridership and promote a more pedestrian-friendly public realm, a top priority was given to creating a ‘sense of place,' inextricably linked to the urban context. Semi-private courts, as well as a public paseo and plaza, are combined with a festive landscape design to create a clearly defined open space hierarchy. Designed in two phases, Phase I and Phase II are linked by a public view corridor extending to MacArthur Park. A generous community room with exceptional views and a play yard are available to the residents. This mixed-income, mixed-use transit-oriented development provides a model for future transit station uses in Greater Los Angeles.

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Project Data

Program data:
3.42 acre site
30,000 sf of retail space
172 units
338 parking spaces

Services provided:
site plan approval
feasibility/yield analysis
community meetings
public hearing
code analysis
urban design
neighborhood planning
architectural design
construction phase service



Urban Land Institute, Global Award for Excellence

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