Babcock Ranch Town Center

Babcock Ranch, FL

Babcock Ranch, Florida

Initially 90,000 acres, Babcock Ranch is now 20,000 acres following the sale of 70,000 acres to the State of Florida in the largest environmentally sensitive land purchase the state has made to date. This purchased land is to be a critical addition to the everglades; completing a green wildlife corridor across the state from the east coast to the west. The 20,000 acres are then conceived as an ensemble of five hamlets, two villages, and a Town Center. Babcock Ranch Town Center is the centerpiece and heart of the development.

Conceived as a “Livable, Learning, and Sustainable’ Community, Babcock Ranch Town Center embodies many ideas. The concepts of Traditional Neighborhood Design enable and promote social interaction: a 50 Acre FGC Campus, a Discovery Center, the Environmental Ecology Lodge, many Nature Trails, and the Elementary, Middle and High Schools insure a rich array of learning possibilities. Many activities, from the design of the hydrology, to the renewable energy sources, to the way that the land is stewarded, are examples of a committed sustainable program. At Babcock, sustainable development is the main intent of the design.

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Project Data

20,000 acre site
6,920 new homes
5 million sf of commercial space
70,000 sf of civic space
3 new schools
110 acres of park land


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