Al Wasl Block 92

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A Limitless Development

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The first block to be constructed at Al Wasl in its Old Town District is an ensemble of low-rise mixed-use buildings exemplifying an artful combination of cultural traditions with modern 21st Century convenience. There is a timeless design evident in the stucco and stone facades animated with numerous towers, airy trellises and pergolas, and projecting bay windows of elaborate detail. The smaller scale nature of this district recalls the vernacular of years past while their inherent sustainable strategies encapsulate a forward thinking appropriateness mindful of the future. Continuous arcades with vibrant neighborhood-scaled retail shops line each street at the ground level of the low-rise mixed-use buildings, including a variety of cafes and restaurants along the shaded pedestrian-only street and facing the E-Street Wadi.

49 gracious residential condominium units ranging from 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom flats allow for a diverse mix of families. A large, private, internal shaded garden directly accessed off of a shopping arcade welcomes residents and their guests. After ascending the garden’s grand staircase one reaches the raised courtyard with lush plantings, undulating fountains, and intermittent shaded areas which forms the heart of the block’s residential community. All residential units have been designed with the utmost attention to privacy and cultural norms, and additionally, all residences in the building have outdoor terraces which are carefully shaded to be useable throughout the year. Residences in the Old Town District carefully combine all of the luxuries found in a villa with the convenience of modern condominium living.

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