Building Information Modeling

Torti Gallas and Partners is committed to being a leader at the forefront of the architecture and planning field, utilizing value-added new technologies associated with the design profession. Congruous with that commitment, Torti Gallas has fully implemented the use of REVIT, a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software in starting with its use in early design explorations through the completion of construction administration. BIM requires the user to utilize more informed decision making at the outset of the project - the more information that can be included in the building model, the more efficiently and thoroughly that detailed information can be extracted and utilized in design decisions by the planner and architect and by our design consultants. By “constructing” the site and buildings that make up a development first in three-dimensions on the computer, the Torti Gallas team is able to more creatively and efficiently evaluate design ideas and work through design issues to resolve conflicts in the earlier stages of development - ultimately avoiding costly delays in the latter stages of the project.

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Building Information Modeling

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