Wyandanch and Straight Path Corridor Form-Based Code

Babylon, NY

Town of Babylon, New York

The Wyandanch Formed-Based Code (FBC) regulates the location, design, construction, alteration, occupancy, and use of structures and of land, including both private and publicly owned land, within the area known as the “Downtown Wyandanch and Straight Path Corridor Redevelopment Zone” (Wyandanch SPC Zone) within the Town of Babylon. This article has been enacted in order to institute a legally enforceable Form-Based Code within the Wyandanch SPC Zone based upon the Final Wyandanch Downtown Revitalization Plan.

The purpose of this FBC is to establish a detailed set of development rules and procedures that will result in a compact and walkable transit-oriented development in the vicinity of the Long Island Railroad Station and along the Straight Path Corridor running north and south of the railroad station. The FBC is intended to supersede and replace all conflicting rules in the Babylon Town Code in order to create a more beautiful, harmonious, and pedestrian-oriented public realm.

This FBC is further intended to implement a streamlined process of development application review and approval based upon compliance with the form-based code in order to expedite development that fulfills the purposes of this Form-Based Code.

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