Downtown Lake Zurich Master Plan

Lake Zurich, IL

Originally a rural farming village which evolved into a resort town, the Village of Lake Zurich, Illinois has, in recent years, seen its vitality move from the historic downtown to the retail zone along the Route 22 Bypass. This refocus has resulted in the disenfranchisement of the current downtown area.
Created through a charrette process with public input from a series of Village-wide meetings, the plan seeks to create a wonderful American small town. It strives toward this goal by focusing on these four things;

Establish a wonderful and rich Main Street that tempers traffic, is pedestrian friendly, provides parking, and has a number of events along its course through the town.

Compose a Public Promenade along the lake front that is the most significant place in town.

Make Breezewald Park more accessible from Main Street.

Create a 'face' of the village along the Route 22 Bypass that provides a good presentation of the village along this edge.

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Project Data

122,000 sf of retail programming
284 Apartment Units
below grade parking for 1056 cars


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