Bloom Montgomery Village

Montgomery Village, MD

Bloom Montgomery Village will be located on the site of a former golf course within the heart of Montgomery Village. The site presented a number of challenges. The golf course had been a long standing component of the community, and the inability to sustain its operations because of declining membership meant the site would have to be repurposed. Additionally, much of the site is located in an environmentally sensitive stream valley.

Understanding the concerns of the community with the changing role of the site, Torti Gallas was uniquely positioned to work with our client and residents to create a new vision for the site. Torti Gallas led a series of community workshops to develop a plan that respects the character of the adjacent neighborhoods, provides new housing opportunities within the Village, and creates new open space amenities available to all Village residents.

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Project Data

147 acre site
300 multifamily units
300 single family and townhouse units
80 acres of open space and park amenities
3 miles of nature trails


Loading/Program Analysis
Community Charrettes
Massing Models
Community Meetings
Feasibility/Yield Analysis
Master Planning
Neighborhood Planning
Design Charrettes
Conceptual Architectural Design

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