Baldwin Park Town Center

Orlando, FL

“It is this kind of urban connectivity that creates walkable urban multifamily neighborhoods.”

Baldwin Park is the infill new town located on the abandoned brownfield site of the former Orlando Naval Training Center on the shore of Lake Baldwin. The Village Center is a true mixed-use construct.

The Village Center is a vibrant, mixed-use urban environment, carefully crafted to be the centerpiece and seamless extension of the larger Village. Its form is derived from the idea of a traditional village wedded to the circumstances of the framework plan, the site, and the program. Main Street is a mixed-use street of three-story buildings with commercial on the ground floor and residential above, that is completely activated along its length by a series of spaces - the Office Square, Market Square, the Waterfront Square and the Harbor.

The traditional building types front onto the streets and spaces: homes have front porches and mixed-use buildings have arcades that offer shade to pedestrians. The architectural styles are traditional in the Central Florida area and are conceived to be compatible with one another in a way that seamlessly weaves variety and interest.

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Project Data

60 acre site
1,120 residential units   
225,000 sf office space
75,000 sf commercial
80,000 sf flex space
45,000 sf grocery store 


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